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Autobody Repair

Hail Damage


Hail storms can cause minimal to severe damage to your vehicle. At Fred Martin Collision we can help you through the process of putting your vehicle back to “pre-hail” storm damages. 

Dent Repair


Fred Martin Collision Center utilizes Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in repairing damage to your vehicle without the normal repair procedures of sanding, filling, and painting damages. As long as there are no cracks in the paint, dents in and near creases or panels Paintless Dent Removal can work for you.

Paint Matching



At Fred Martin Collision our shop is equipped with a computerized paint mixing system that offers superior color-matching capabilities. 

Frame Adjustment


To ensure proper fitting, Fred Martin technicians use multiple pulls to correct the impact damage to your vehicle. The pulling process is continuously measured by a computer system known as “The Genesis.” The Genesis is an electronic measuring system which utilizes an intricate series of laser beams to accurately measure each movement. The Genesis computer then analyzes the measurements and show our technicians exactly how to correct the damage to factory tolerances.

Collision Repair Work


Our highly skilled technicians use only the best quality parts, materials and equipment when repairing your vehicle. Each vehicle is repaired to factory specifications in our state-of –the- art repair facility.

Collision Refinish Work


Fred Martin Collision has the best technology to ensure that each vehicle’s finish matches.  The paint is baked in one of our two down draft paint booths with bake ovens.

Sikkens is the premium brand of AkzoNobel, one of the world’s leading suppliers of paints and services for   vehicle repair. 

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